Pro Tools: How to Export All Tracks as Audio Files

You have been recording or producing in Pro Tools and now want to export all of your tracks as audio files for mixing, or you are collaborating with someone who works in a different DAW (like Logic, Digital Performer, Studio One, Cubase or Ableton Live) and they demand you send audio files instead of a Pro Tools session. There are several ways of doing this, so lets start with the easiest and most straightforward method:

Bouncing Individual Tracks as Audio Files (Pro Tools 12 and up)

1. Select the tracks you want to export.
2. Right-click a track name.
3. Select “Bounce” from the pop-up menu. Easy!

You can also go to the “Track” menu and choose “Bounce”. Either way, with this method you can bounce the following track types: Audio, Auxiliary Input, Master Fader, and Instrument tracks. Bounced tracks will include any real time processing (like insert effects) with the option to render (or not render) track volume and pan automation. Select this and other options like File Type, Bit Depth and Sample Rate from the “Track Bounce” dialog box. No need to re-route sub-master stems or individual tracks for bus recording! What took Avid so long?

If you are running an older version of Pro Tools, you can export tracks using the Clips List. There are a few more steps, but it will get the job done as well. You can also use this method to export clips to be used in other sessions.

Exporting Clips as Audio Files (Pro Tools 11 or earlier)

1. Select the “All” group and triple-click one of your clips (this will select all clips in your session).
2. Then, “Consolidate” clips so they are all the same size (found under the “Edit” menu”).
3. Go to the Clips List menu or use Shift-Command-K to show the “Export Selected” dialog box (Shift-Control-K on Windows).

This command also provides a way to convert clips to a different audio format, sample rate, or bit depth. If you are exporting tracks for mixing however, you must consolidate all clips first, otherwise multiple clips in the same track will be exported as multiple audio files and clips that do not start at the beginning of the session will not line up with other clips.

This export will not include any real time processing, only the raw clips. Also, it will not export any selected MIDI clips, so you will also need to “commit” Instrument tracks first (if you are in Pro Tools 11) or bus your Instrument tracks to audio tracks in order to print them as audio (with earlier versions of Pro Tools).

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